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WooCommerce Order Status Flow in DealPOS
WooCommerce Order Status Flow in DealPOS

Explanation of the Flow of Incoming Orders from WooCommerce to DealPOS

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WooCommerce is a plugin from WordPress for Online Stores / e-Commerce with quite a variety of features. WooCommerce is an Open-Source and can be used for free to sell like e-Commerce. WooCommerce is one of the channels that can be integrated with DealPOS.

The following is an explanation of how to flow transaction that comes from WooCommerce can be recorded to DealPOS. Below is a table containing an explanation of the flow.

Table of Content :

I. Status Order Flow

Status in WooCommerce





Customer Checkout / Place Order. Order Status will be On-Hold

The invoice was created, the payment status will be Unpaid and the delivery status will be Unsent

Order received, admin can check payment made by the customer


Admin manually change the Order status from On-Hold to Processing

Payment status will be Paid and delivery status will be Unsent

The payment has been confirmed, now admin can process the order to send the goods to the recipient's destination.


Admin manually changes the Order status from Processing to Complete

Payment status will be Paid and delivery status will be Sent

The order has been received by the Customer.

For example, if a customer places an order via the website, the order will be entered into WooCommerce, and you can check the order through the Orders menu.

Check Orders in Woo Commerce

Orders that have just entered the status will become On Hold in WooCommerce and will be made an Invoice at DealPOS with the status of Unpaid payment and Unsent delivery. In this On Hold process, you can confirm payment, whether the funds/balance billed have been paid or not.

If the balance of funds has been received, you can process the order by changing the order status to Processing manually :

Change Order Status

If your order has been received by the customer, you can change the status order at WooCommerce to Completed :

Change Order Status to Completed

II. Cancel Order Flow




Seller Cancel Order

The invoice that has been made will go to the recycle bin

Seller manually change the Order status from On Hold to Cancelled

If a customer order wants to be canceled, as an admin you can change the order status to Canceled manually :

Change Order Status to Cancelled

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