Marketplace Integration is one of the features that DealPOS provide, so that when there is a sale transaction on the marketplace, it can be recorded into the POS and automatically generate sales reports, and can also record stock reductions from sales in the marketplace. Of course, the integration of this marketplace will make it easier to record sales reports, especially if the marketplace used to sell is more than 1 channel.

Before adding marketplace channels, you need to authorize and make sure that the user you use already has roles access to Marketplace.

Step 1. Go to Marketplace Channel

By clicking this link then fill in your link and user login.

Login Marketplace App with DealPOS Account

Step 2. Go to Channel and Click Add

Add new channel

Step 3. Click "Authorize Account" on TikTok Channel

Choose TikTok Authorization

Step 4. Choose your Account Type

Choose Seller Account Type

Step 5. Authorize Integration

Authorize Integration

Step 6. Click on Add to my Channel

Add Integration Code to my Channel

Step 7. Your Channel has been Added

After Success add Integration Code, Choose Channel to Configuration

*Note: Channel is added but you need to assign several columns to complete.

Step 8. Setting Up on tab Marketplace Setup then Submit

Channel Configuration

Index Properties



New Order to

The order that accommodated transaction

Dispatch Order from

The outlet that orders will send from

Product Inventory

Inventory Outlet Reduce from

Sales Order Tag

Set type of Orders

Payment Method

Payment Method that is in use


Set tax that is in use

Sync Order

Permission to allow synchronize orders from Marketplace to DealPOS

Sync Inventory

Permission to allow synchronize inventory from Marketplace to DealPOS

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