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Authentication Error After Sign In
Authentication Error After Sign In

Error after log in DealPOS mobile apps

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In developing the DealPOS application, our team will update the version between web POS and Mobile apps. It's possible to have issues when accessing the sell menu when the Web POS version with Mobile apps has a big version distance. As a solution, in this article, we will explain the solution if the mobile apps are used to experience an error notification in the sell menu. You can check it down below :

Alert Message

Step 1. Close DealPOS App

If you found error when open the DealPOS apps, you can try to close your DealPOS apps first.

Step 2. Check Google Chrome Version in Google Playstore

Check Chrome Version

Notes :

DealPOS Mobile Apps can only run with google chrome version above version 80 with a minimum of android version 7 (Nougat).

Step 3. Update Google Chrome to the Latest Version

Usually there is a feature adjustment in Google Chrome.

Update Chrome to Latest Version

Step 4. Restart Tablet and Relaunch DealPOS App

Your DealPOS apps will run normally again.

Restart Tablet and Relaunch DealPOS App

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