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If you found a Bad Display on our mobile apps, you have to set your Androidf tablet. The bad display on your tablet is because your tablet has a resolution that does not match DealPOS. The screen resolution required on your Android is 1280 x 800 pixels and a minimum of 8 inches.

Before Setup

Resolution Before Setup

Follow this step to change the display to look good.

Step 1. Go to Setting Menu on the Tablet

Tap on About Tablet > Software Information.

Tablet Setting

Step 2. Tap Build Number to be Developer Mode

Tap several times to be in developer mode.

Become Developer Mode

Step 3. Open Developer Options

Go to Setting, Tap Developer Options, then Open Minimum Width to adjust the resolution of your tablet.

Minimum Width Setting

Step 4. Adjust Minimum Width

Edit to 800px, then click OK.

Adjust Minimum Width

After Setup

After the Setup is complete, your display will be changed to good display.

Tablet Resolution After Setup

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