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Set Network Printer on DealPOS Mobile Apps
Set Network Printer on DealPOS Mobile Apps

Setting up the configuration for the Thermal Network Printer in the DealPOS Mobile Apps

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In printing invoices on the DealPOS mobile apps, there are 2 options that we provide for networks that we already support for printing, including Bluetooth and IP Network. In this article, we will tell you how to set up Network Printer on DealPOS Mobile Apps. You can check the following steps :

Step 1. Add New Printer Network

On Mobile Apps Go to Settings Menu and click "Network".

Add Printer Network

On the type, tab choose "Network".

Configure Printer

Step 2. Input IP Address

I. If you have a new printer and you don't know the IP Printer

As an example of this process, we use an EPSON printer. When you first buy an Ethernet printer, it won't be able to connect to your network. To set it up first you'll need to change the network settings. IP Address needs to be set on a computer. You can't do this on your Tablet, as the printer needs to be plugged into the computer to change Default IP Printer. Follow this step to change your default IP Printer.

  • You must get the Default IP Address Printer. You should turn off your printer, then push and hold the feed button and then turn on your printer, the printer will print a receipt that contains your printer IP Address.

  • First, connect your printer to a netbook / desktop pc to change the IP Printer to be the same as IP Router. Go to Control Panel - Network and Internet - Network and Sharing Center - then go to Properties - click internet protocol version 4 TCP/IPv4.

Example :

IP Default printer

IP Address:

Subnet mask:

Default gateway:

You should insert IP Address on your desktop :

IP Address: (xxx means free number)

Subnet mask:

Default gateway:

View Printer IP
  • Go to the Printer Portal to change your IP Printer

  • Go to google chrome and type your Default IP Printer (

  • Insert the username and password (The default usually Username : Epson and password : Epson )

Login to Epson Portal

Replace the IP Printer according to your IP router.

Replace Printer IP

Change Epos-Print to Enable and then press the send button.

Enable EPOS Print

Insert the IP address that you set earlier to your mobile apps, Save.

Insert IP Address

II. If your printer already has a network IP from the router

  • Turn off your printer, and then push and hold the feed button and then turn on your printer. (this will display a print out with IP address)

  • Make sure your ePOS-Print has been enabled,

  • If the IP address is the same as the Router, Enter Printer IP into Mobile Apps, Save

Add IP Address to Configuration

How to Enable Printing in Arabic, Chinese, etc.

  • Go to google chrome and type your Default IP Printer (

  • Insert the username and password (The default usually Username: Epson and password: Epson)

  • Change the Character Code Tables According to this image

Change Character Code

Disable Power Saving :

  • Change energy efficient ethernet from enabling to disable

  • Change stand by mode from enabling to disable

Disable Power Saving

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