We'll show you how to "customize your transaction numbers on POS account" in this article. Additionally, you can change the codes for transfer orders, estimates, adjustments, global prefixes, and supplier bills and invoices into your preferences.

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I. Set Transaction Numbering

II. Table Properties Index

I. Set Transaction Numbering

Step 1. Go to Setup, Select More Menu, Choose Application

Config - Application

Step 2. Select Transaction Numbering

Config - Application - Transaction Numbering

Step 3. Customize Transaction Numbering

And also you can customize code for example :

  • Supplier bill : SB

  • Invoice : INV

  • Estimate : EST

  • Adjustment : ADJ

  • Global Prefix : Usually for store code

  • Transfer Order : TO

Here's are example, and you can change it to your preference

Customize Numbering

II. Table Properties Index

Order Number Generator :




Turn on automatic transaction numbering

Order Number Reset Range

Set number reset range of the transaction numbering

Order Number Separator

Gives a separator for each number

Digit Behind Number

Show how many digit behind number

Monthly Format

Format of your transaction number

Add Outlet Code to Invoice Number

Fill your outlet code to transaction number

Prefix :



Global Prefix

Prefix for order number globally

Customer Invoice

Prefix for Customer Invoice number

Transfer Order

Prefix for transfer order


Prefix for estimate order

Supplier Bill

Prefix for supplier bill


Prefix for Adjustment

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