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Create New Payment Method Type to become a Payment Type Options

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Adding payment method its purpose to record the payment ways that sales provide or want to keep a record of the customer's payment method. Or if you have connected DealPOS with the Marketplace, this Payment Method Type additionally serves as a record of the payment method via marketplace channel (Omnichannel). Which is at the marketplace channel is being set up.

To keep track of sales or funds via the marketplace channel, you can add a payment method. When you're adding a new Payment Method for your Store, you must choose what kind of the Payment Method's Type you want to set. That's why before you create a new Payment Method, you must create the Payment Method's Type first such as : Cash, Card, E-Money, etc. These article will show you how to create new Payment Method's Type :

Step 1. Go to Setup Menu - More Menu - Payment Method Type

More Setup Menu (Payment Method Type)

Step 2. Click Add

Click Add Button for Add New Payment Method Type

Click Add Button

Enter a name for the Type (Example: QRIS), and then click Save

Fill Form Payment Method Type

Step 3. Payment Method Type was Created

Payment Method Type Succeed

So when you want to Create new Payment Method, the Type is already in the Options.

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