If you have multiple outlets connected to the DealPOS accounting app, you need to set it up so that transactions from those outlets can be uploaded to the accounting app. If you don't assign a Chart of Accounts to each outlet, the transaction will not be uploaded to the DealPOS accounting app.

In this article, we will explain how to assign or set up a Chart of Accounts for Payment methods for each outlet, please check the tutorial below:

Step 1. Go to POS Setup then Payment and select one

Setup POS Payment Method for Outlets - Payments Setup

Notes :

This method will appear based on payments are listed in POS.

Step 2. Assign Chart of Account for Payment then Submit

Setup POS Payment Method for Outlets - Assign Chart of Accounts
Setup POS Payment Method for Outlets - Chart of Accounts assigned

Notes :

If you have many outlets that want to separate to record the reports of payment you need to create a chart of accounts needed. And for the next payment type, you can do it the same way.

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