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Getting Started for Jurnal ID Integration
Getting Started for Jurnal ID Integration

A few things to do for Jurnal integration

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DealPOS x Jurnal ID App

Recently, DealPOS has integrated with which makes it easier for you to create an accounting report based on the transactions from DealPOS. The records from all the transactions that were made from DealPOS will be recorded automatically to Before using this feature, make sure that you've already configured the setup from your DealPOS domain. Here's the few things that you should do before using DealPOS x Jurnal Integration:

I. How to Activate

First of all, you have to give Roles Access on your DealPOS in order to make a user be able to sign to the DealPOS Jurnal. To give the roles access, you can follow the steps below :

Step 1. Go to User (Groups Tab), then Choose Any Group

Click on the Group that you want to give access to DealPOS x Jurnal ID.

Setting User Access

Step 2. Enable Jurnal Apps Role

Scroll down until Apps section roles, tick on the Jurnal section, and click Submit.

Enable Jurnal Apps Role

After you have done giving the roles access for the user, you have to Activate Webhook Apps for Jurnal ID (Jurnal ID Integration Setting (Webhook))

II. How to Set Up

After you've done configuring the Roles Access and Webhook Apps Activation on your DealPOS domain, you must configure the integration between your DealPOS and Jurnal ID through DealPOS x Jurnal ID. To configure the integration through DealPOS x Jurnal ID, you can follow the steps below:

After you've done configuring the Integration Setup, congratulations! because your DealPOS will record the transactions to automatically. The Sales Transactions will be recorded from DealPOS to each time you close the shift register. The Purchase Transactions will be recorded automatically if you have already input the Supplier from DealPOS to
After your DealPOS domain had been Integrated with, You might like to upload your transaction from the past to by following steps below:

For more detailed information about DealPOS & Integration, you can read the whole article collections here : DealPOS & Jurnal Integration.

[Tutorial Video] Jurnal ID Integration at DealPOS

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