Before integration DealPOS to Jurnal ID. You should must DealPOS to access data from Jurnal ID and also you must have the minimum Pro Package at Jurnal ID.

Follow these steps to allow access :

Step 1. Authorize Token

Click image below to get a token

Authorize Token Dealpos apps at - Authorize Token

Click the image above then click "Allow" to access data from Jurnal.ID to DealPOS

Authorize Token Dealpos apps at - Request Permission

Step 2. Redirect link Jurnal Dealpos App

After you click the button "Allow", you will direct to page Jurnal Dealpos App.

You must input your dealpos Account, Username, and Password for login.

Authorize Token Dealpos apps at - Login to

Step 3. Validation Token

This step is to check whether your token is valid.

You can go to page Config and click "Test".

Authorize Token Dealpos apps at - Validation Token

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