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Upload Sales Invoice to Jurnal ID
Upload Sales Invoice to Jurnal ID

How to upload and review sales invoice from DealPOS to

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In the integration between DealPOS and, you don't need to record your sales twice (POS and Jurnal. id). Because now we can upload transactions from POS to Jurnal ID. Users must disable the rounding feature so that the transaction nominal on DealPOS uploaded to the journal matches. We have two options for this upload method.

Table of Content :

I. Automatic Upload

Transaction made uploaded automatically once the shift is closed (Activate Shift).

Step 1. Go to Shift, then Close Register

Close Sales Shift

Notes :

Uploaded when Close Shift.

Step 2. Try to Check Orders on Jurnal ID

Check Orders on Jurnal ID

Notes :

For example there invoice with O1.21.02.00001.

II. Manual Upload

Transaction backdate can be recorded manually based on range date by using manual sync order. Open DealPOS x Jurnal to sync order manually.

Step 1. Go to Orders, Fill the Field, then Click Upload

Choose outlet and date range to upload invoice.

Sync Invoice / Upload Invoice to Jurnal



Choose an Outlet

An outlet that allocated


Set the start date of the transaction


Set end of the date of transaction

Step 2. Preview Number of Orders

Preview Number of Orders

Step 3. Order was Uploaded Successfully

Order was Uploaded Successfully

Step 4. Try to Check Uploaded Orders in Jurnal ID

Try to Check Uploaded Orders in Jurnal ID

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