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Sync Tax Between DealPOS and Jurnal ID
Sync Tax Between DealPOS and Jurnal ID

How to synchronize tax from DealPOS to Jurnal ID

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Recently, DealPOS has integrated with which makes it easier for you to create an accounting report based on the transactions from DealPOS. The records from all the transactions that were made from DealPOS will be recorded automatically to Jurnal ID. Before using this feature, make sure that you've already configured the setup from your DealPOS domain.

When you have a sales invoice and a tax fee in the transaction, make sure the taxes between POS and are synchronized so that the Invoice/Transaction may be automatically uploaded to Jurnal ID. If you haven't synced your taxes yet, you can check the following article for detailed steps :

Step 1. , Go to Setup, then Choose Tax

Check or compare DealPOS tax with Jurnal tax.

Check DealPOS Tax

Step 2. Add Taxes in Jurnal ID

Match tax name with DealPOS Tax.

Add Taxes in Jurnal ID

Step 3. View Synchronized Tax in Jurnal Dealpos App

View Synchronized Tax in Jurnal Dealpos App

Step 4. Disable Witholding Setting

Uncheck the witholding configuration for PPN Include taxes.

Disable Witholding Setting

Notes :

The main purpose here is to avoid transaction failures.

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