Adjustment is an activity to adjust the quantity from your stock if there was a difference between real stocks and stocks counted from the system. In the latest update from DealPOS, we've created a feature to integrate the adjustment between DealPOS and, so you don't have to manually input the adjustment that happened on DealPOS in the You only have to upload the Adjustment from DealPOS to Awesome isn't it?

Before using this new feature, you have to make sure that your DealPOS link has already been integrated with To upload your adjustment, you can follow the steps below:

I. How to Make an Adjustment from DealPOS

Step 1. Go to the Adjustment menu on DealPOS and make an adjustment by archive*

Adjustment Menu

*Important Notes: For the adjustment, we can only upload the adjustment from DealPOS to by using Archive Adjustment.

Step 2. Process the adjustment

Adjustment Process

The type of Adjustment that will be created into is based on the type from the adjustment that comes from DealPOS. If the Adjustment type from DealPOS is Adjust Differences, then the adjustment on will be created as Stock In/Out. If the adjustment type from DealPOS is Update Inventory, the adjustment on will be created as Stock Adjustment.

*Important Notes: In order to upload Adjustment from DealPOS to, you have to make sure that your account subscription is using Enterprise package to make you be able to track the inventory from the products in

II. How to Upload Adjustment from DealPOS to

Step 1. Login to and make sure the Jurnal Config Inventory is filled with inventory account from

You have to make sure the Inventory in Jurnal Config is filled with Inventory account in to track the inventory from a product and to make the stock adjustment work in

Step 2. Click on the Orders menu

On the Orders menu, you can click on the Adjustment and then you have to select the outlet and date range from the created adjustment on DealPOS. For the example: You can select Outlet1 and Today's date range to upload all the Adjustments that happened on the selected outlet and date range*.

Upload Adjustment

After you've selected the Outlet and Date range, you can click the Upload Button on the upper right corner.

Upload Adjustment

The upload is success, and the Adjustment will be created to

Upload Adjustment Success

*Important Notes: The date created from the adjustment in will be set into today's date.

Step 3. Go to, and check the adjustment

The Adjustment will be created to

Created Adjustment on

*Important Notes: If you have existing adjustment on the, you don't have to make adjustment from dealPOS and upload it to again

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