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Synchronize Scenario Handled with Jurnal ID
Synchronize Scenario Handled with Jurnal ID
Explanation from all the features that can be integrated with Jurnal ID
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When using the integration feature between DealPOS and Jurnal ID, there will be many transaction recording schemes ranging from sales, purchases, and others. In this article, we will explain to you all the integration handled scenarios between DealPOS and Jurnal ID in the tables below.

Table of Content :

I. Sales Invoice



Create customer invoice

Customer Invoice created in DealPOS will be recorded to Jurnal after the register or shift is closed

Add payment (partial)

Partial payment in DealPOS will be updated to Jurnal ID automatically

Edit Invoice

If there is any update from the customer invoice in DealPOS, the Invoice that has been created in Jurnal ID will be updated automatically*

Sales return

When there's a return from a customer invoice in DealPOS, The invoice return can be created automatically to Jurnal ID. To see more information about Sales return you can visit this link : Sales Return on Jurnal ID

Withholding Tax

Tax from customer invoice in Dealpos only Support untick withholding Tax in Jurnal ID

Split Payment

Multiple payments in one customer invoice from DealPOS can also be integrated if the payment methods are already mapped to CoA in Jurnal ID


If you Void/Delete the customer invoice on Dealpos that has been created in Jurnal ID, the customer invoice in Jurnal ID will also be Voided/Deleted (If you're trying to restore the customer invoice in Dealpos, it will not restore the deleted invoice in Jurnal ID)

Exceed Payment

If there is Exceed the payment on the transaction, it cannot be handle when doing integration with Jurnal.


  • Currently, we have not handled the sales scenario with items that have Tax + Discount Product + Total Discount at the same time.

  • Users cannot edit customer invoice that has been set to later and the payment is added.

II. Supplier Bill



Create Purchase/Supplier Bill

The supplier bill created in DealPOS can be created automatically to

Add payment

Partial payment in DealPOS will be updated to automatically

Purchase return

When there's a return from a supplier bill in DealPOS, you must also create a return transaction in This scenario is cannot be handled because when we create a return transaction in DealPOS, we made a minus qty in the customer invoice which is cannot be done in

Receive Delivery

(on develop)

Buy with Approval

The supplier bill created from the buy with approval scenario in Deal POS will be uploaded to the Purchase Order Tab on Jurnal id. You must upload the supplier bill manually after the supplier bill is completed (Paid and Sent)


You can set whether the supplier bill can be uploaded automatically or not by configuring it in the Realtime Purchase Order Sync in the Jurnal Config menu.

Realtime Purchase Order Sync

III. Adjustment Inventory

(Can only be done using Adjustment by Archive)



Adjust Difference

Automatically Sync after creating adjustment by using Adjust Difference in Archive Adjustment

Update Inventory

Automatically Sync after creating adjustment by using Update Inventory in Archive Adjustment

Notes :

In order to be able to upload Adjustment from DealPOS to, you have to make sure that your account subscription is using the Enterprise package to make you able to track the inventory from the products in Jurnal ID.

IV. Logistic



Transfer Order

Automatically sync if the sender and receiver outlet is already mapped on the DealPOS x Jurnal.

V. Others


(on develop)

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