When you're using Jurnal.id Integration, you can automatically send the Customer invoice created from DealPOS to Jurnal.id after you've closed the shift on your current register.

Besides the customer invoice, now you can also send the returned customer invoice automatically to Jurnal.id. The returned customer invoice will be created as a Sales Return on Jurnal.id. To send the sales return from DealPOS to Jurnal.id, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to the Sell menu, and create a sales transaction

Create customer invoice
Order complete

Step 2. Make a sales return from the previous transaction

Sales return on DealPOS
Return Complete

For more detailed information about how to make sales return on DealPOS, you can read this article: Sales Transaction Return

Step 3. Go to the Shift menu, and close the current register

Close Register
Close Register Complete

Step 4. Login to your Jurnal ID account that has been synced to your DealPOS

Jurnal ID Login

Step 5. Go to Other List, and click on the Transactions

Other List Jurnal ID

Step 6. As you can see on the Transactions, the customer invoice and it's returned sales transaction is uploaded to Jurnal.id

List of Transactions Jurnal ID

Important Notes:

  1. The Sales return transaction can only be uploaded to Jurnal.id if you make a sales transaction by referring to the previous customer invoice in the Sell menu

  2. The Sales return cannot be uploaded when you create a return sales transaction with changing items

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