Currently, DealPOS already supports integration with, generally this integration will make it easier to record transactions that occur at POS, such as sales, purchases, and others. With this integration, the user does not need to input data 2x (POS and Jurnal), just by inputting the transaction at the POS, the transaction will be automatically made in

Before beginning integration you need to set up several configurations on or direct go to add-ons in

I. Product

  • SKU in Jurnal is a place where your products are listed or already synchronize to

  • SKU not in Jurnal is a place where your product was exist on POS but has not registered on

Introduction Menu - Product

II. Outlet

The outlet is a menu function to the setup payment method which will be used for transactions coming from to specify Chart of Account

Introduction Menu - Outlet

III. Taxes

Taxes are a menu function to match tax in POS with

Introduction Menu - Taxes

IV. Orders

Orders is a menu function to sales invoice with backdate transaction so can be recorded to

Introduction Menu - Orders

V. Logs

Logs are recording of every status sales/purchase transaction that synced to from DealPOS

Introduction Menu - Logs

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