Products between DealPOS and Marketplaces (Shopee, Tokopedia, WooCommerce, & TikTok Shop) must be Synced to Integrate Transactions, Prices, and Orders. So after you add a marketplace channel, you must sync Product First.

We categorize products in the Marketplace App into 5 different categories.

  • In POS

  • Not in POS

  • Sold in Channel

  • Not in Channel

  • Duplicate SKU

Here is some explanation about products on the


In POS is a list of products that exist in DealPOS system.

Products In POS

II. Not in POS

Not In POS is a list of your product that exist on your marketplace but did not exist in DealPOS. Causes products on your Marketplace don't have SKU code. You need to complete the SKU code first to download it later on into DealPOS.

Products Not in POS

III. Sold in Channel

Sold in Channel is a list of your product that has been synced to the marketplace Channel.

Products Sold in Channel

IV. Not In Channel

Not In Channel is list of your product that has not to sync to marketplace, if you have two marketplace channel integrate to your DealPOS, you can check at "Missing Channel.

Products Not in Channel

V. Duplicate SKU

Duplicate SKU is list of product in your marketplace which has the same SKU.

Products Duplicate SKU

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