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Introduction - Product Marketplace
Introduction - Product Marketplace

Learn about product classification in the

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Products between DealPOS and Marketplaces (Shopee, Tokopedia, WooCommerce, & TikTok Shop) must be Synced to Integrate Transactions, Prices, and Orders. So the next step after you add a marketplace channel, you must sync the product data.

We categorize the products menu in the Omni App into 6 different submenus:

  • Sold in Channel

  • Not in POS

  • Not in Channel

  • In POS

  • Multiple Listed SKU

  • Channel Statistic

Here is some explanation about the products menu on the As you can see below, the Sold in Channel tab has been moved to the first tab, and the Not in POS tab is being switched place with the Not in Channel tab.

Table of Content:


I. Sold in Channel

Sold in Channel is a list of your products that has been synced to the Marketplace Channel

Sold in Channel

Sold in Channel Updated UI (for Shopee and TikTok Shop) - Scan Updated Product

Scan Updated Products

Scan Updated Product is useful when you only want to scan for the new products that were not previously available in the marketplace because this scan will map product products after the last Last Scan time. The difference is with In POS (before the update, In Pos is the first list on the tab) is a list of products that exist in the DealPOS system. With the Scan Updated Products, it is hoped that it will prevent frequent scan failures because previously we only provided full product scans. Currently, Scan Updated Products are available for Shopee and Tiktok shop

II. Not in POS

Not In POS is a list of your product that exists on your marketplace but did not exist in DealPOS. Causes products on your Marketplace don't have SKU codes. You need to complete the SKU code first to download it later on into DealPOS.

Not in POS

III. Not In Channel

Not In Channel is a list of your product that has not synced to a certain marketplace. On this menu, you can see a list of products which available or not available in some channels.

Not in Channel


In POS is a list of products that exist in the DealPOS system.


On this menu, you can Upload or Scan the Products depending on the condition. If you have the product's data in DealPOS but you don't have the product's data in the marketplace, you can upload your product from DealPOS to the Marketplace as seen in the image below :

Upload Product

Or if you already have the product's data in both DealPOS and in the Marketplace, you can Scan the product to sync the products as seen in the image below:

Scan Product

V. Multiple Listed SKU

The Multiple Listed SKU tab will show you a list of products in your marketplace which has the same SKU.

Multiple Listed SKU

On this menu, you can also see the listing of products which shows where they've been found as duplicate SKU

Multiple Listed SKU

Notes :

If you have a duplicate SKU product in Marketplace, that means the stock from all those products with the same SKU will be synced. For more information about this duplicate SKU, you can see this article: Sync into Multiple Products in the Marketplace.

VI. Channel Statistic

Channel Statistic

In this section, you will find each channel with Live Product, Sold in Channel, and Product Not in POS, before that here is the explanation for each of them:

Live Product :

The total of all products in the marketplace

Sold in Channel :

Sync products both are available on the marketplace and POS

Product not in POS :

The product that has been on the marketplace, but Not in DealPOS

To refresh 3 sections between Live Product, Sold in Channel, and Not in POS. You can click the scan button and will show you the last sync.

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