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Inventory Log at Marketplace Apps
Inventory Log at Marketplace Apps

View all product stock updates to track marketplace transactions

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In the, you can also see the record from stock history by using the Inventory Logs feature. It shows all the successes and failures statuses of the inventory log.

This article shows how to see the record from stock history updated inventory from DealPOS into Marketplace.

Step 1. Go to Logs, then Choose Inventory Log Tab

Inventory Log
Inventory Log List

Notes :

Response code 500 means failed and while 200 means succeed.

Index Properties :




Date created update inventory


Channel that allocated to update inventory


SKU code of the product is updated


-/+ update inventory

Response Code

Successor failed response code

Notes :

The Inventory Log in the Channel > Marketplace configuration will be automatically set to None after midnight to keep our server stable.

Inventory Log set to none

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