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Stock opname is a form of inventory calculation for goods or products in the warehouse before they are sold. This activity is quite time-consuming, because you will directly check and calculate the items in the warehouse.

Every certain period, generally within 1 month, usually retail stores will do a stocktake to cross-check the real stock in the warehouse/location and whether it is the same as the sales report made. For that you can access this adjustment report to view the stocktaking report in more detail and detail, you can check the explanation below:

Step 1. Go to Adjustment, Click More Menu, then Select Adjustment (Report)

Report Adjustment - More menu

Step 2. Adjustment Report Detail was Opened

Report Adjustment - Adjustment Report

Notes :

You can use filter to set outlet, range date want to set and also export to CSV file.

Table Properties :

Adjustment Report Detail



Detailed invoice name


SKU code product


Qty of product sold


Cost of product


Selling Price of Product

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