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Loyalty Point Report and Current Balance
Loyalty Point Report and Current Balance

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A loyalty Point is a promotion in the form of reward points given to customers who buy a product that you sell these points can later be exchanged for the reward products you have prepared. You can view the details of the Loyalty Points every time customers are earned or redeemed using the Report we have provided. You can follow the steps below to check the details.

I. Loyalty Menu Section

Go to Contact - More Menu - Loyalty - Current Point.

Loyalty Menu Section

II. Current Point

This section contains the current point balance for all customers.

Current Point

III. Point Earned

This section contains Earned Points from a transaction made.

Point Earned

IV. Redeemed Point

This section contains Redeemed Points in a transaction made.

Redeemed Point

V. Loyalty Point Redemption

This section contains accumulative Points redeemed for the selected date.

Loyalty Point Redemption

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