Now DealPOS can record sales with store promotions that you make at Shopee

DealPOS already support for 2 kinds of promotions

  1. Promosion Toko

  2. Kombo Hemat

I. Promo Toko

Step 1.Input Promo Toko in Shopee. Go to Promosi Saya - Promo Toko

Step 2. if there is a transaction that uses a Promo Toko, it will be as follows

II. Kombo Hemat

Kombo Hemat Promotion

Step 1, Go to 'Promosi Saya' and select 'Kombo Hemat'

Step 2. Create your promo

Note: In this scenario I create a combo for Antman shirt and Antman pants, the second (Antman pants) item will get a 50% Discount

Step 3. When an Order Comes In From Marketplace to POS, It will be Recorded as Follows

Promotions that enter the DealPOS will be recorded in nominal terms, not by discount, but the calculation remains the same

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