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Shopee Promotion into DealPOS
Shopee Promotion into DealPOS

There is some Promotion that can be recorded into DealPOS automatically.

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Marketplace Integration is one of the features that DealPOS has, so that when there is a sale transaction on the marketplace, it can be recorded into the POS and automatically generate sales reports, and can also record stock reductions from sales in the marketplace.

The marketplace integration for the Shopee Channel has a different order flow from other channels that are already available (Tokopedia & WooCommerce). You can see detailed explanations regarding Order Status Flow in the Shopee marketplace through this article : Shopee Order Status Flow in DealPOS.

When there's a Promotion ongoing at your Shopee Seller, the orders can be recorded into DealPOS right away. DealPOS has already supported 3 kinds of Shopee's Promotions.

Table of Content :

I. Discount Promotion / Promo Toko

For the record, Discount Promotion / Promo Toko with Discount Percentage will be converted into Discount Amount in DealPOS

Step 1. Go to Marketing Center / Promosi Saya

Click Discount Promotion / Promo Toko.

Shopee Promotion

Step 2. Input Promotion Detail

Create new Promotion, input your Discount promotion name, discount promotion event & Add Products that you want to add to the Promotion :

Set Discount Name & Period

Step 3. Set Promotion Limit

Set Limit of the Promotion

In every variant color, we have 100pcs of stocks, for example, we set it into 50pcs/variant to get a discount. If you have finished adjusting the promo conditions, you can click confirm.

Notes :

We recommend not inputting all stock in the promotion, because, during the promotion, the stock entered into the promotion will not sync with DealPOS.

Promotion Successfully Created

Congratulations, now you have completed adding promotion on Shopee. Now you can check into the product page :

Promotion Applied

The discount on the product has been successfully applied.

Notes :

The stock that we set for the promotion will not sync during the promotion, and also for marketplace stock, if the initial stock is 100pcs, then the promotion limit is set to 50pcs, then the stock is immediately left with 50pcs at Shopee, but at POS it's still 100pcs.

Promotion Price has been Integrated

Notes :

Promo Toko converts Discount Percentage into Discount Amount

II. Add-on Deal / Kombo Hemat

Step 1. Go to Marketing Center / Promosi Saya

Select "Add-on Deal / Kombo Hemat".

Shopee Promotion

Step 2. Input Promotion Detail

Create a Promo

Notes :

In this scenario, we create a combo for Antman shirt and Antman pants, the second (Antman pants) item will get a 50% Discount.

Step 3. Recheck Invoice Detail on DealPOS

When an Order Comes In From Marketplace to POS, It will be Recorded as Follows :

Shopee order into DealPOS

Notes :

Promotions that enter the DealPOS will be recorded in nominal terms, not by discount, but the calculation remains the same

III. Bundle Deal / Paket Diskon

Step 1. Go to Shopee Seller, then Login with Your Account

Login Shopee Seller

Step 2. Go to Marketing Centre

Marketing Centre

Step 3. Select Bundle Deal

Choose Bundle Deal

Step 4. Create One Promotion with Bundle Deal

Create Promotion with Bundle Deal

Step 5. Select "Bundle Price" on Bundle Deal Type

Select Bundle Price Type

Notes :

At this time, we only support to handle the type of bundle deal with the Bundle Price. However, we will develop other bundle deal types as soon as possible.

Step 6. Input Bundle Deal's Basic Information

Input Basic Information

Step 7. Input Bundle Deal's Product, then Click Confirm

Input Bundle Deal's Product

Step 8. Try to Check the Invoice Details on DealPOS

Recheck Invoice on DealPOS

Notes :

Make sure there are customers who have ordered the bundle deal before checking the invoice on DealPOS

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