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Supplier Required in Buy Menu
Supplier Required in Buy Menu

How to make Buy menu requires Supplier Input

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Presuming you need to record all your purchase transactions with every single detail, including your supplier data, and if you want to make the purchase/buy menu requires Supplier Information, you can set it to default, so the transaction can not be made without Supplier information. For detailed steps, you can check the explanation below.

Step 1. Go to Setup, Click More Menu, then Select Module

Supplier Required in Buy Menu - Setup

Step 2. Go to Buy Tab, Set Supplier to Required, then Click Save

Supplier Required in Buy Menu - Setup (2)

Step 3. Go to Buy, Try to Make Purchase Order without Supplier

When the setting has been activated, then every purchase transaction will always require a supplier contact, you can check the picture below if the setting is activated & supplier contact is not entered, a notification will appear at the bottom right of the screen.


Notes :

After the save was made, you are no longer allowed to use the Buy menu without inputting the Supplier Information.

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