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Custom Payment Type Configuration
Custom Payment Type Configuration

How To Add Payment Method Type

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For payment type in this section, you can add a new type of payment method, here are step by step to add it to your account. There's a multiple ways to payment method, Check this article below to how to setup.

Step 1. Go To Setup, then Choose Payment Method

Payment Method Config

Step 2. Click Add

You will found 4 method :

  • Cash

  • Card (Debit/Credit)

  • E-Money

  • Others

Add Payment Method Type

Step 3. Input Payment Method Name, then Click Save

Input Payment Method Type Name
Recheck New Payment Method Type

Step 4. Add Payment Method

When you add a new payment, you can fill all the info for new payment method.

Add Payment Method

Step 5. Make a Transaction with New Payment Method

When on selling process, payment that you've add before will show up like this UI below :

Make a Transaction with New Payment Method

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