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Sync Omnichannel Logistics Service to POS
Sync Omnichannel Logistics Service to POS

Explains how to sync Logistics Service from the Omni Channel to the DealPOS application.

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Sync Logistics Service is used to input logistics courier info into your order invoice in POS.

DealPOS Omni will scan all of the delivery services from all channels in Omni Channel that you could sync to POS.

If you want to know which logistics services that customer chooses, you may want to set up this setting. But this is optional and not a mandatory set-up, it depends on your needs.

Step 1. Add Logistics Services SKU (Omnichannel)

Logistics Service

Step 2. Open Menu Setup and click More Menu, then Click Logistics Service

Logistics Service Setup

Step 3. Click Button Add

Add New Logistics Service

Step 4. Fill Logistics Service Name and Variants

Make sure the SKU is the same as the Channel Omnichannel on the Logistics Menu.

Logistics Service add Variant

Step 5. Logistics Service added successfully

Success Add Logistics Services

Notes :

The logistics service that has been chosen by the customer will be recorded automatically in the DealPOS orders detail.

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