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User Access to Edit Payment Date
User Access to Edit Payment Date

How to setup role to have access edit payment’s date, to change payment date.

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When making transactions, be it sales or purchases. Usually, the admin records the history of payments that have occurred in the store to facilitate weekly and monthly financial recapitulation.

Edit payment’s date is to change the payment date on transactions that pay later. To change the date at the time of making a payment, access is needed to avoid any fraud that occurs.

Step 1. Go to Users, Select Tab Groups, then Choose Any Group

Select Group want to Edit

Step 2. Enable Access to Edit Payment, then Click Submit

Checklist Payment date Editor

Step 3. Access was Edited Successfully

Roles already success edited

Notes :

Please re-login to see the changes.

Step 4. Try to Add Payment on the Unpaid Invoice, then Edit the Payment Date

Sample payment date editor

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