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Import Payment Invoice via CSV
Import Payment Invoice via CSV

Adding payments for paying the unpaid customer invoices by bulk (csv import)

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In order to make sales transactions, there are times when the payment is made later. To make payments on unpaid customer invoices, you can read the following article: Add Payment to Credit Sales Purchase

When you create sales transactions, if you have a large number of customer invoices that need to be paid, it will take a lot of time and effort if you're doing it manually. To facilitate bulk payment of customer invoices, we have provided a feature to add payments to customer invoices using a CSV file. To add payments to customer invoices in bulk, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to Orders

Then you can go to the Customer Invoice tab, and make sure you have Invoices that is still unpaid. For example, we have 1 Invoice down below that is still Unpaid:

Unpaid Customer Invoice

Step 2. Click More Export Options and click Import Payment

Import Payment

You will directly to the next page.

Step 3. Click Download Sample

You can download the sample first to find out the format needed to import the data.

Import Payment Sample

Step 4. Edit Sample File

Several columns need to be filled in the sample file, including Outlet, transaction date, invoice number, payment method, and amount paid. For example, we have an Invoice like the down below:

Invoice Detail

We can customize the CSV file according to the invoice data that has not been paid :

Payment CSV


The date format is English US- MM/DD/YYYY.

When finished, you can save the CSV file.

Step 5. Import CSV File

Import payment csv

Import payment by CSV has been successful:


This import payment using CSV could be an alternative if you integrated your TikTok shop and want to add bulk payment.

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