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Download Order for TikTok Shop
Download Order for TikTok Shop

Synchronize your Orders from TikTok Shop into DealPOS with

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Once you received the Orders from TikTok Shop, you have to Download the Orders manually from DealPOS Marketplace to make your orders integrated with DealPOS.

Here are the steps to Download Orders from TikTok Shop into DealPOS :

Step 1. Received Orders from TikTok Shop

Received Orders

Step 2. Download Orders from DealPOS Marketplace

Choose Channel TikTok Shop and Enter Date Range. After that, click Preview to show all the Orders from TikTok.

Select TikTok Channel and Enter Date Rage

Step 3. Download Missing Orders

Click Download.

Download Orders

Step 4. Orders was Downloaded

The orders status will show "Create Invoice"

Result Shows

Step 5. Orders was Synced with DealPOS

You can check the orders in the DealPOS Orders Menu.

Invoice from TikTok in DealPOS

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