Report Order in Marketplace

View reports regarding Total Marketplace Orders downloaded into POS in the last 7 days

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In our latest update to the, we've updated a Report feature to make it easier for you to keep track of transactions in the marketplace during the last 7 days. The number of transactions that occurred, as well as how many transactions were successful, the wrong status, and missing, will all be displayed in the reports menu. For a more detailed explanation, you can check the explanation below :

Go to DealPOS Marketplace, then click the Report menu, there are several tabs in the Report menu, including :

  • New Order

  • Ready to Ship

  • Shipped

  • Completed

Table of Index from tabs in Report menu:



New Order

Orders from the new marketplace become sales orders at Dealpos

Ready To Ship

Orders from the marketplace that have become invoices


Transaction on the marketplace that has been sent to the courier


Transaction on the marketplace that has already been received by the Customer

Each tab has a similar display to the one as seen below :

Report Order in Marketplace

As you can see, there is a description of 200/OK with a green button, 400/Bad Request with an orange button (usually recorded as the wrong status), and finally, 500/Internal Server Error which is usually a Missing Order and needs to be downloaded manually.

For each existing invoice/order number, you can click it and go directly to the invoice log list concerned. So you can check if there are invoices that are not downloaded automatically.

Report Status

After clicking on the number that appears, you will be immediately directed to the log page :

Report Orders

If you click on the Logs details, there will be a message/notification why the transaction/order cannot be downloaded automatically, for example, you can see the image below here:

Log Response

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