On Shopee, you can set your store off whenever your store wants to be not available for some days for some reasons like when you're going to have a holiday, off day, temporary closed, etc. To activate the off-day mode on your Shopee account, you can follow these steps below.

Table of Content :

I. Log in to your Shopee Account

II. Go to Seller Center

I. Log in to your Shopee Account

Step 1. Go to shopee.co.id and click Login

Shopee Login

Step 2. Fill in the username/email/mobile and password to login into your Shopee account

Fill username and password

II. Go to Seller Center

Step 1. Click on the Seller Center

Shopee Seller Center

Step 2. Go to Setting, and scroll down until you see the Setting menu

Store Setting

Step 3. Click on the activation button on basic setup to activate off-day mode on your Shoppe account

Activate Off-day mode

Step 4. Click continue to confirm that you've read the warning and see the cautions when you're going to make your Shopee account to be off-day mode

When you're going to activate the off-day mode on your Shopee account, you cannot make new orders on your Shopee seller account

Continue activating off-day mode

Step 5. The off-day mode will be successfully activated

Off-day mode successfully activated

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