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Holiday Mode on Tiktok Shop
Holiday Mode on Tiktok Shop

Use holiday mode option to set Idle or temporarily close the store.

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Are you planning to close your Tiktok Shop account for a few days? Usually, the seller closes the shop because it is a holiday (national holiday, religious holiday, etc). You can set the shop's status into Holiday Mode for a few days in the Tiktok shop account settings. This setup is very useful for preventing orders from being submitted while we are not selling. Please see the tutorial below for a more complete explanation :

Step 1. Go to TikTok Seller

Click on My Account, click Account Settings, and choose the Vacation Mode tab.

Vacation mode on TikTOk

Step 2. Turn on Warehouse

Now you can choose which warehouse you want to set to be Holiday Mode by clicking the Turn on Action column :

Turn on Holiday Mode

Step 3. Choose Holiday Date

Pick a start & end of the holiday date.

Choose Date Holiday

Step 4. Holiday Mode was Activated

Your shop has now been closed according to the time range you selected :

Holiday Mode already Activated

[Tutorial Video] How to Setup Holiday Mode on Tiktok Shop

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