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Product Life Cycle Report

View a report by movement of the stock product

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DealPOS has provided a feature where you can see your Product Life Cycle Report.

Product Life Cycle feature shows you the last time the product was sold and purchased. This report can also help you to see the movement from the stock spending and it can help you to determine whether is it slow or fast-moving products. After you know which products are determined as slow or fast-moving, you can decide to re-stock the fast-moving products and make a promotion such as a clearance sale for the slow-moving products or you can also distribute to other outlets.

You can filter and export the Product life cycle report by outlets, product category, date, and sales name.

Read the Following Steps Below to View the Product Life Cycle Report:

Step 1. Go to Reports, then Click More Menu and Choose Product Life Cycle


Step 2. Filter Report with Specific Information (Optional)

Filter Report with Specific Information (Optional)

Notes :

You can view the product life cycle with or without filtering reports.

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