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Give Cashier Full Sales Access with Coupon
Give Cashier Full Sales Access with Coupon

Providing the cashier with additional access during a sale with coupon authorization

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In a company or organization, different positions have different responsibilities. This also applies to the cashier role, where access rights are typically restricted. However, there might be situations when the cashier needs temporary additional access.

If you prevent your cashier from using specific functions while making a sale, and later they need to use one of those functions, you don't have to bother changing their access. Just give them a one-time-use coupon for authorization, and they can use the restricted function easily.

The limitation of features in the sell menu refers to :

  • Editing Product Prices

  • Editing Product Discounts

  • Editing Invoice Numbers

  • Editing Invoice Dates

  • Editing Pricebook

This article will explain how to create an authorization coupon and how to use it.

I. Generate Coupon

Step 1. Go to Promotion (Coupon), then Click Add

Add Promotion Coupon

Step 2. Choose Generate Type

You can generate coupons using two different systems, manually and automatically.

  • Manual Type

    In this manual type, users have to input the coupon code themselves.

    Manual Type Coupon
  • Automatic Generated

    In this automatically generated type, the system will generate the coupon code; users simply need to input the total number of coupons they want to create and the number of digits for the coupon code.

Automatic Generated Coupon

Step 3. Choose Coupon Type

Choose coupon type "Full Access".

Choose Coupon Type

Step 4. Set Coupon Usage Limit, Start Date, & Expired Date

Configure Coupon Properties



Usage Limit

Add coupon usage limit

(Fill "0" for Unlimited)

Start Date

Add start date for coupon activation
โ€‹(Blank = Can be used directly)

Expired date

Add expired date coupon

(Blank = No Expiration)


Add a coupon description

(If Needed)

Notes :

The start date and expiry date are optional, you can set them or leave them blank.

Step 5. Set Coupon Restriction (Optional)

You can restrict the coupon to be used only at specific outlets and with other limitations. These restrictions are optional, so they can be implemented or not, depending on the store's system.

Set Coupon Restriction (Optional)

Table Properties




Choose which outlet can apply the promotion coupon


Select which customer can apply the promotion coupon

Step 6. Save Promotion

Save Promotion

Step 7. Check New Coupon

Check New Coupon

II. Apply Authorization Coupon

Prepare a cashier account for login, and make sure that the account has limited access rights during the selling process.

Step 1. Log In With Cashier Account

Log In With Cashier Account

Step 2. Check Restricted Access

This is the display before applying the authorization coupon. Several fields are disabled and cannot be edited.

Unit Price Editor

Unit Price Editor is Disabled

Item Discount & Pricebook

Item Discount & Pricebook are Disabled

Invoice Date & Number

Invoice Date & Number are Disabled

Notes :

If the cashier does not have access to edit the invoice number and invoice date, then the invoice number and date cannot be clicked.

Step 3. Apply Authorization Coupon

Click more actions, then choose the coupon button.

Choose Coupon in More Actions

Step 4. Input Coupon Code, then Click Ok

Input Coupon Code

Step 5. Compare Access After Applying Coupon

This is the display after applying the authorization coupon. Several fields are enabled to be edited.

Unit Price Editor

Unit Price Editor is Enabled

Item Discount & Pricebook

Item Discount & Pricebook are Enabled

Invoice Number

Invoice Number is Enabled

Invoice Date

Invoice Date is Enabled

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