Suspend Registers

To suspend registers that are no longer active

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Basically, outlet and register have different meanings. The outlet is a store or business location and the Register is a location where the customer/cashier makes transactions on the Outlet.

When you create a new outlet in DealPOS, it will automatically create 1 register. However, you can add more than one register to the outlet, so that one outlet can have several registers.

If you have more than one cashier in a single outlet or store, you can add a new register based on the number of available cashiers (cashiers in 1 outlet selling at the same time). Otherwise, when your outlet has more than 1 register and there is a register that has not been used for a long time, you can suspend that register.

This article will explain to you a way to suspend a register:

Step 1. Go to Outlets

Outlet List

Step 2. Select Tab Registers

Register List

Step 3. Choose Any Registers, then Click Suspend Button

Select Register & Suspend It

Step 4. Click Ok

Confirm to Suspend Register

Step 5. Register was Suspended Successfully

Register was Suspended Successfully

Note :

Registers that have been suspended will be marked with a strikethrough

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