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Add New Register for Outlet
Add New Register for Outlet

Explain about How to create Register in outlet

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If you have more than one cashier in a single outlet or store, you can add a new register based on the number of available cashiers (cashiers in 1 outlet selling at the same time). If you are unsure about the differences between Outlets and Registers, please see the following article: Understanding the Difference between Outlet & Register.

Usually, the addition of registers is generally due to:

  • Your store uses the Shift feature, and

  • The cashier/user who inputs sales transactions is more than one person at the same time

For detailed steps, you can check the tutorial below:

Step 1. Go to Outlet - tab Registers - Add

Add New Register for Outlet - Add new Register

Step 2. Fill out the Form - Save


If your cashier needs customer Display features, you can Enable Customer Display here before you save.

Add New Register for Outlet - Customer Display Configuration

Fill in the additional register purpose, then click OK

Add New Register for Outlet - Choose your Purpose

Now a new register was successfully created :

Add New Register for Outlet - Register added


  • Adding more registers will automatically update your billing if required. A prompt will appear to advise you of any billing changes before you add registers or outlets. Please read the link for more information about pricing on

  • You can also check or ask for your plan and billing information with DealPOS Customer Support

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