Customer Display or often also called customer pole is a display output tool that is useful for displaying important information to customers. The idea of this customer display is because it makes it easier for customers to see a concise view of the price or item being entered by the cashier.

Benefits of using Customer Display:

  • Showing current promotion

    Provide current discount information to your customers when they want to pay for their orders, this will increase your store sales.

  • Speed up service

    This tool makes customers no longer need to confirm the products they have purchased so that cashiers can focus on calculating purchase transactions.

For this reason, this article will tell you how to provide access so that customer displays are active, and how to use customer displays on

I. Add Role Customer Display to Group User.

Step 1. Tab Group on user Menu then select group that you want to add customer display

Step 2. Thick on Customer Display

II. Set Customer Display Picture

Step 1. Go to Outlet menu and click customer display tab

Step 2. Set your Customer Display Form Then Click Save

Step 3. Set Customer Display successfull

III. Enable Customer Display.

Step 1. Go to outlet menu and click Register tab then Click register that you want to set

Step 2. Click Edit Button

Step 3. Set Enable Customer Display 'Yes' and select Customer Display Theme Then Click Save

IV. Use Customer Display

Step 1. Go to :

Sign in with your dealpos link and account.

Step 2. Example Cashier view And Customer view when using Customer Display Feature

The view seen by the Cashier :

The view seen by the cashier

The view seen by the Customer :


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