Order Display System is an additional feature/menu on DealPOS that helps to facilitate communication between the Take Order section and the Serving Section which are usually used by F&B business types.

You can choose which configuration is more compatible with your business workflow.

The following article contains an explanation of KDS configuration.

I. Configuration Order Display System

Step 1. Select AddOns on the Setup Menu

Setup - AddOns

Step 2. Tab Order Display - set the config then Save

Order Display Configuration

II. Configuration Explanation

1. Order

Type Monitor



Show parked items only on the monitor


Show all items on the monitor

2. Advance

Order Display Flow


WPC (Waiting - Process- Complete)

This path is used when you want your Order to report on the status of order processing while the order is still in the process of cooking

WC (Waiting - Complete)

This path is used if you do not want to know the status of the order while it is still in the process

3. Complete Count

Limit the maximum number of complete orders displayed

4. Sync Across

Exclude Passed Order



If an order is not completed it will be displayed until the next day


If an order is not completed it will be deleted the next day

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