In this article, we will guide you on how to suspend the payment method, this is will help you to avoid errors when doing the payment. In this suspension we have several common cases:

  • Debit/Credit you also can make this payment method not shown when you do payment process.

    ex: you are no longer using payment with a certain bank (Mandiri). And after you suspend (Mandiri) will not show up when the payment process.

  • QRIS if Midtrans have some problem in their system we can handle it by suspending our payment method temporarily.

I. How to Setup Suspend Payment Method

Step 1. Go to the Setup menu and choose what payment you want to suspend

Ex: Debit/Credit (BCA/Mandiri)

You have 2 payments with the card (BCA/Mandiri), and then you want to suspend the Mandiri card.

Choose what payment you want to suspend:

Setup - Choose payment

Step 2. You may choose Mandiri", then scroll down until you found "Advanced" and click, after that,t you will see suspend button and choose "Yes". Lastly, you can save the setup.

Advanced - Suspend (yes)

II. How to Show/Use it

Step 1. Before you suspend the "Mandiri card" still show up

Sell display after suspend

Step 2. Go to the Sell menu, make a new transaction

Making a new transaction

Step 3. After you suspend "Mandiri card" is not showing up, as you can see below, only shows: Debit Card, Credit Card and BCA


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