When you're trying to update the unit cost from a product, it will not automatically affect the customer invoice cost that has been created with the previous cost from that product. If there's any update on the product cost, the sales report from the product will keep showing the previous cost from the products to make your sales report accurate based on their current cost at the time you're making a sales transaction.

If you want to update the customer invoice unit cost based on the new cost from a product, you can use tools.dealpos.app. So, the previously created customer invoice unit cost will also be updated with the new cost from a product. To update a single customer invoice unit cost for a specific customer invoice using tools.dealpos.app, you can follow the steps below :

Step 1. Go to Products

See the current cost from a product, make a sales transaction with that product

Product Cost

For the example, we have a product with cost Rp100.000, and then we make a sales transaction from that product as shown below:

Sales Transaction
Invoice Detail

The product cost from that customer invoice is Rp100.000

Step 2. Go to Reports Detail

See the profit from the previous sales transaction

Reports Detail

The reports detail from that invoice will show you the profit based on the product cost

Step 3. Edit the Product's Cost from that Customer Invoice

Product's Cost

The product's cost is updated to Rp120.000

Step 4. Go to Reports Detail, See Previously Customer Invoice

Reports Detail

The previously created customer invoice is still using the old cost from the product because the update cost activity is not automatically updating the created customer invoice unit cost.

Step 5. Log in to DealPOS Tools

Tools Dealpos

Log in to the DealPOS Tools with your user (you'll need role permissions to log in to tools app)

Step 6. Go to Unit cost menu, and choose Update unit cost single

Unit Cost Update

Fill the outlet where you've made the transaction and also fill in the order number that you want to update the unit cost from its products. And then click Process to continue updating the cost based on the new cost from the products

Step 7. Unit Cost was Updated Successfully

Update Unit Cost Success

Step 8. Go to Reports Detail, then See the Invoice Cost

Reports Detail

The customer invoices unit cost is now updated based on current the product's cost.

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