Do you have a business processing raw materials into finished products ? This manufacture menu will be very useful for you if you buy raw materials & manage them into finished products, for example such as a bakery/cake shop, furniture store (own production), etc. We can also calculate service expenses in the process of managing raw materials in the manufacture menu.

Manufacturing costs fall into three broad categories of expenses : materials, labor, and overhead. All are direct costs. That is, the salary of the company accountant or the accountant's office supplies are not included, but the salary and supplies of the foreman are.

DealPOS has provided an Expense Feature (Manufacture Overhead Cost) that can be used on shifts and manufacturing. Manufacturing Overhead (MOH) cost is the indirect costs which are incurred while manufacturing a product. It is added to the cost of the final product along with the direct material and direct labor costs. Read the following article to Add & Use Expense on Manufacture.

Table of Content :

I. Add Product for Expense

Step 1. Go to Products, then Click Add

Add Product

Step 2. Input General & Price Information

Input Product Information

Step 3. Setting Product Type, then Click Save

Choose Product Type

Notes :

  1. If your expense is in the form of services, then choose the non-inventory type.

  2. If your expense is in the form of a product, and the stock needs to be managed, then choose the standard type.

Step 4. Product was Added Successfully

Product was Added Successfully

II. Use Expense on Manufacture

Step 1. Go to Manufacture, then Click New

Add New Job Order

Step 2. Choose Outlet, then Click Ok

Choose Outlet

Notes :

Outlet form will appear if the user has more than one outlet.

Step 3. Add Output Product to Generate

Add Output Product

Step 4. Search Manufacture Product, Input Qty, then Click Ok

Search Manufacture Product

Step 5. Go to Tab Expense on Input, then Click Add

Add Expense

Step 6. Search Expense Product, Input Qty, then Click Ok

Search Expense Product

Step 7. Expense was Added, then Click Submit

Submit Job Order

Step 8. Input Job Order Notes, then Click Ok

Input Job Order Notes

Step 9. Recheck Expense on Job Order Detail

Recheck Expense on Job Order Detail

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