Sometimes when printing, we occasionally run into issues. For instance, the print output does not meet our expectations since the paper size is too small or the writing does not fit in the center. So, using configuration, we can change the settings. for the setup can be done as shown below :

Step 1. Click More Menu On The Top Left

More Setting

Step 2. Click Settings

Open Setting Menu

Step 3. Connect To The Printer To Print

Connect Printer to Paired Printer

Step 4. Click Advance Settings

Advance Settings

Step 5. Setting Max Character and Right Length

In this menu we can set the max character and also the right length on the paper size to be printed.

Setting Max Character and Right Length



Max Character

Set the maximum amount of characters you wish to display in one line with this parameter.

Right Length

To set the margins, use the appropriate length.

Step 6. Recheck Printing Result

Recheck Printing Result




Max Character



Right Length



Notes :

While the right length setting adjusts the space between lines, the max character setting maximizes the number of characters per line.

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