A trailing zero is a zero digit in the representation of a number that has no non-zero digits that are less significant than the zero digits. Put more simply, it is a zero digit with no non-zero digits to the right of it.

The number has 2โ€‹ trailing zeros. Note that there are 2 other zeros in the representation of the number, but they do not count as trailing zeros because there are other non-zero digits that are less significant. So trailing zero means 3 more zero digits behind your total number, ex: 175,000 become 175,000.00

Step 1. Go to Setup, Select More Menu, then Click Module

Module Configuration

Step 2. Go to Printing Tab, then Configure Trailing Zero

Set how many zeros you want to show.

Configure Trailing Zero

Step 3. Go to Orders and Re-print Invoices

Reprint Invoice

Notes :

Before (there are no other zeros behind the total).

After Setting

Notes :

After (it shows there are 3 more zeros behind the total).

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