When integrating the marketplace in DealPOS, there are several cases for users who have run the marketplace first to sell (the product data already exists in the marketplace). So for cases like this, you don't need to add Product Data in the POS manually. You can download Data Products in the marketplace to POS by accessing the Not in POS tab on the Product menu at marketplace.dealpos.app.

On the Not in POS page, All products in the marketplace but not yet on DealPOS will appear on this page, the first thing you have to do is click the Scan Button, then the products in the marketplace can be mapped with DealPOS based on SKU. DealPOS already provided feature to download products from tokopedia based on URLs.

Before downloading product from Tokopedia, please ensure that every product that you want to download have SKU / Code. If user downloads a product that doesn't have an SKU yet, an error message will appear :

Fill Product SKU before Downloading

Step 1. Go to DealPOS Marketplace, then Input POS Domain

Login DealPOS Marketplace (Domain)

Step 2. Submit POS Login (Username & Password), then Click Login

Login DealPOS Marketplace (User)

Step 3. Go to Products Menu, then Open Not In POS Product

Search not in POS product from Tokopedia that user wants to retrieve to DealPOS (Optional). If user is sure that the product is not yet in the system, then this step can be skipped.

Check Not In POS Product from Tokopedia

Step 4. Click More Menu, than Select Download Product by URL

Download Product by URL

Step 5. Go to Product Menu on Tokopedia Seller Account

Open Tokopedia Seller

Step 6. Right Click on Product, then Select Copy Link Address

Copy Product Link from Tokopedia

Step 7. Back to Product Download by URL, then Paste Product URL

Paste all product URL that you want to download, after that click download button.

Paste Product URL

Step 8. Product was Successfully Downloaded

Scroll page down to view download status. Product was succesfully downloaded to DealPOS, try to check downloaded product in DealPOS.

Product was Successfully Downloaded
Check Downloaded Product in DealPOS

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