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Update Bulk Payment Note via CSV
Update Bulk Payment Note via CSV

Update the payment note from customer invoices using csv files in a bulk way

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When you make a payment on the customer invoice, you can also include a payment note. You can fill this note with a reminder or other information such as the withdrawal timestamp or something else related to the payment.

If you have large data of customer invoices, you might want to input the payment notes by using bulk way with CSV file import. To import the payment note by using a CSV file, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to Orders, then Click Import Payment Note

Click more menu on the export button to view import payment note button.

Import payment notes

Step 2. Download Sample File

Download sample

Step 3. Submit Payment Note Information on Excel File

Open the downloaded CSV file, and fill in the Outlet name, Invoice numbers, and Payment note as in the example file.

For example, we put the payment note as the withdrawal status and the withdrawal timestamp from each payment from the customer invoices.

CSV Bulk Payment Note

Step 4. Upload / Import Payment Note to System

Import the saved CSV files in the import payment note menu, then click the upload button.

Upload CSV File

Step 5. CSV File was Imported Successfully

There will be a green notification when the upload process is succeed.

Upload succeed

Step 6. Recheck Payment Note in Order Detail

Go to the orders menu and check on one of the customer invoices that the payment note is uploaded by CSV File. The payment from that customer invoice is now having a notes.

Payment Note Displayed

Notes :

  • This import payment note feature won't make a duplicate note on payment in orders detail, but it will update the existing note.

  • Make sure the invoice was paid or has a payment before or at least it has one payment record. Users couldn't import payment notes for unpaid invoices.

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