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Add Bulk Payment
Add Bulk Payment

Learn how to pay all the payments from unpaid customer invoices

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The Bulk Payment feature will make it easier for users to make payments for multiple unpaid invoices at once. Usually, it can be used in several conditions as follows:

  1. When a customer has more than one unpaid invoice/credit transaction and wants to pay it off at once/one-time payment.

  2. When the store owner recapitulates payments for unpaid invoices at the end of a certain period/they don't input payments received in real-time.

To add new bulk payment you can follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to Payment (Received Tab), then Click Bulk Payment

Payment (Received Tab)

Step 2. Submit Bulk Payment Data

Choose the payment method that you want to use and select the unpaid customer invoice by its number or by the customer name that you want to set to be paid

By Invoice Number:

Submit Bulk Payment Data by Invoice Number

By Customer Name:

Submit Bulk Payment Data by Customer Name

Step 3. Input Payment Amount and Click Submit

After you've selected the unpaid customer invoices you want to set to be paid, there will be a list of all the unpaid customer invoices you've selected. You can fill in the Payment amount column to make payment from those unpaid invoices.

Input Payment Amount

After you input the payment amount, you can click submit to make payment to all the unpaid customer invoices. There will be a success notification after you click the submit button.

Bulk Payment was Success

Step 4. Go to Orders, then View Customer Invoices Payment Status

The customer invoice payment status will be set to be paid after we've done making bulk payments for unpaid invoices.

View Customer Invoices Payment Status

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