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Debt Limit for Customer
Debt Limit for Customer

Set customer maximum debt limit

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Some stores provide policies to allow customers to make credit sales transactions. With this policy in place, the problem that might occur is that recorded customer debts will accumulate. Besides being able to have an impact on store operations, accumulated debt can also make the store's report not good (because of the large amount of debt).

DealPOS has provided a feature to limit customer debt. So, when a customer's transaction debt has exceeded the debt limit, the customer will not be able to make credit transactions again unless the debt limit can still be used/is less than the nominal credit sales transaction that will be made.

I. Set Customer Max Debt Limit

Step 1. Go to Contact, then Select Any Customer

Select Any Customer

Step 2. Edit Customer

Edit Customer

Step 3. Set Customer Debt Limit, then Click Save

We try to set Andi's Debt Limit for 250,000, so you cannot make a transaction with that customer if its debt reaches the limit.

Set Customer Debt Limit

Step 4. The contact was Successfully Updated

Contact was Successfully Updated

II. Make Sales Transaction

Make a sales transaction with a customer who has a debt limit (reached the debt limit).

Step 1. Go to Sell, then Make a Transaction

Make Another Debt

Step 2. Assign Customer Name and Click Pay

Pay Transaction

Step 3. Try to Make Another Debt, by Choose Payment Later Method

Make Another Debt

Step 4. Debt has Reached the Limit, customers can't Make Debt Anymore

Debt was Over Limit, Transaction Cannot be Processed

Note :

A warning message appeared if customer debt reached the limit or it appeared because previous debt combined with new debt exceeded the debt limit.

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