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Set Default Maximum Invoice Overdue Days
Set Default Maximum Invoice Overdue Days
To configure maximum overdue days for invoice
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Users could make credit transactions for sales and purchases. They also could set invoice due days for payment. If the payment is not made within that period, the payment becomes overdue and could attract a penalty or could lead to litigations.

DealPOS has provided a feature to set the maximum overdue limit for invoices. So, when a payment is not made when it has exceeded the maximum overdue on the invoice, the customer will not be able to make a sales transaction again until the payment on the invoice is made/paid.

Table of Content :

I. Configure Customer Maximum Overdue

Step 1. Go to Contacts (Customer Tab), then Select Any Customer

Select Any Customer

Notes :

Whenever you create a new customer or edit the default days overdue should same as you set on your configuration.

Step 2. Click Edit

Edit Customer

Step 3. Go to Sales & Pricing, Set Maximum Overdue, then Click Save

Set Maximum Overdue

II. Make Sales Transaction

Step 1. Go to Sell, then Make Sales Transaction

For example, today is December 19th. Try to choose the transaction date on November 1st.

Make Sales Transaction

Step 2. Input Customer Name, Add Item to Cart, then Click Pay

Input the customer name that was configured for maximum overdue days before.

Input Sales Detail

Step 3. Choose Payment Later, Set Invoice Due, then Click Ok

We try to set days due for 5 days, so if the invoice was created on November 1st so the due is November 6th.

Set Invoice Due on Payment Later

Step 4. Unpaid Invoice was Created

Unpaid Invoice was Created

Step 5. Try to Make Sales Transactions with Previous Customers

Today's date is December 19th, the current condition of the customer "Adi Setiawan" has not paid off the invoice due on November 6. It means that it reached more than the customer's maximum overdue days that were configured before (14 days).

Make Sales Transactions with Previous Customers

Notes :

As today on December 19th you want to make a new transaction with the same customer, there will be an error sign that tells "Invoice overdue has passed the day's limits". It means the customer should pay the overdue invoice to start a new transaction.

Step 6. Go to Debt, then Click View Detail to View Invoice Overdue Days

View Debt Detail to View Invoice Overdue Days

Notes :

On this page, it shows you that you have 43 days due that haven't been paid and need to be paid first. After this debt has been paid, you can make another payment with the same customer.

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