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Order Filter by Channel (Omni App)
Order Filter by Channel (Omni App)

To filter order from omni channel on omni app

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In the previous version, we gave user authorization in the order menu so that users can only see transactions based on their access. In continuation of this feature, in this version, we changed the type of filter that was previously filtered by outlet and tag to filter by channel. Because generally, users remember more channel names than outlet + tag when they want to filter transactions on Omni App.

So, users could view orders that come through omni app without outlet or sales tag filter anymore. Users could filter the orders by channel. Read the steps below to filter orders from the omni app by channel:

Step 1. Go to DealPOS Omni, then Input POS Domain

Fill DealPOS Link

Step 2. Submit POS Login (Username & Password), then Click Login

Fill Login ID

Step 3. Go to Order, then Click Filter

Omni Channel Orders

Step 4. Choose Channel to Filter, then Click Search

Filter Omni Channel Orders


User could filter multi-channel at once.

Step 5. Orders was Filtered by Channel

Orders was Filtered by Channel

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