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Sync New Variant from Existing Products in Omni
Sync New Variant from Existing Products in Omni

To add new variants from existing products in DealPOS and Omni and sync them between both platforms

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The way to synchronize products is by downloading products (Download Products) to retrieve product data from the Seller Center to DealPOS if the product existed in the Seller Center but did not exist in DealPOS or by uploading products (Upload Products) to send product data from DealPOS to the Seller Center if the product existed in DealPOS but not existed in Seller Center.

The last scenario is the products exist on both platforms (DealPOS & Seller Center), so the user only needs to scan the channel, but make sure the product SKU is the same between DealPOS and Channel. When users want to sync a new variant to an existing product, they should add manually the new variant to both platforms (DealPOS and Seller Center), and then scan the channel to integrate the new variant.

For Example, this product Ceviolla Bag has two variants : Brown and Nude on both DealPOS and Shopee.

Compare Product between DealPOS and Seller Center

This product with all of the variants was synchronized (could be checked in DealPOS Omni).

Check Product Synchronization in Omni

So, we want to add a new variant : Green, and we also want to sync it. Read the following steps for the tutorial.

I. Add New Variant in DealPOS

Step 1. Log In to DealPOS Account

Login to DealPOS Account

Step 2. Go to Products, then Search & Click the Product

Search & Click the Product

Step 3. Click Edit

Edit Product

Step 4. Add New Variant, Fill Variant Information, then Click Save

Add New Variant

Step 5. Check New Variant on the Product List

Check New Variant on the Product List

II. Add New Variant in Seller Center

Step 1. Log In to Seller Center

In this case, we try to log in to Shopee Seller Center. If you have multi-channel, you should open and log in to all of your channels.

Log In to Seller Center

Step 2. Go to Products, then Search & Click Edit Product

Search & Click Edit Product

Step 3. Add New Variant

Add New Variant

Step 4. Submit Variant Detail, then Click Update

Submit Variant Detail

Notes :

Make sure you input the same product SKU with that product/variant SKU in DealPOS.

Step 5. Check New Variant on the Product List

Check New Variant on the Product List

Notes :

If users have multiple seller center accounts, then users must add the new variant to all of their seller center accounts.

III. Sync New Variant in Omni

The last step after adding new variants on both platforms (DealPOS and Seller Center) is to synchronize them.

Step 1. Go to DealPOS Omni, then Input POS Domain

Fill DealPOS Link

Step 2. Submit POS Login (Username & Password), then Click Login

Fill Login ID

Step 3. Go to Product (In POS), then Search & Click Product

Search & Click Product (In POS)

Step 4. Check Variant Synchronization

The new variant is not synchronized with the seller center (Shopee).

Check Variant Synchronization

Step 5. Go Back to Products, then Scan Channel

Wait for the scan channel progress, you could check the scan channel status in the notification menu.

Scan Channel

Step 6. Check Variant Synchronization (After Scan Channel)

After the scan channel was complete, try to reload/refresh the products page, then check the synchronization again (Do the third step and the fourth step).

Check Variant Synchronization (After Scan Channel)

The new variant was synchronized successfully!

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