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User's login Restriction by Location
User's login Restriction by Location

This article will explain how to block users from logging in outside of your store area.

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If your store enforces a policy that restricts operations exclusively to the current store location, in DealPOS, you can set up restrictions to prevent users from logging in or accessing your DealPOS link outside of the store area. To enable this configuration, you can follow the article provided below:

I. How To Get Latitude and Longitude with Specific Location

Step 1. Open your Browser and Search Google Maps and Find Your Store

Open Google Maps

Step 2. Right Click on Your Location and Click Number

Copy the Latitude and Longitude

II. How To Get Latitude and Longitude with Current Location

Step 1. Input Your Username & Password

Input Username & Password

Step 2. Click "Allow"

Click Allow Button

Step 3. Latitude and Longitude Will be Automatically Filled & Click Button "Proceed" for Login

Click Button Proceed

III. How To Activate GeoLocation Restriction

Step 1. Go to Setup, Click More Menu then click Geo

Open Setup Menu and Click GEO

Step 2. Input Code Latitude dan Longitude and Proximeter then Click Save

Input Code Longitude & Latitude on Column Geo Restriction

Note: The Latitude and Longitude values can be obtained from Google Maps, and the proximity refers to the range or distance from your store area within which users can access your DealPOS link. If you have multiple stores that you want to restrict, you can enter the Latitude and Longitude values for each store and repeat the process to input the Latitude and Longitude codes for other stores. This way, you can set up the restrictions for multiple store locations in DealPOS.

Step 3. Click Users Menu then click Groups users you want to setting

Activate Restriction Roles

Step 4. Activate Checkbox 'Geolocation' for Restrict then Click Submit

Click Checkbox GeoLocation

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